Maître Louis B. Buchman

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Droit de l’arbitrage

Droit international et de l’Union européenne


We offer a range of dispute resolution services, focusing on Arbitration and Mediation, based on decades of first-hand experience, and we strive to deliver effective solutions.

Our commitment to service is based on the following values: Independence, impartiality, ethics, ability to listen and to analyze, and availability.

“The world no longer has a choice between force and law. If civilization is to survive, it must choose the rule of law” (Dwight D. Eisenhower)


Arbitration & Mediation

Arbitation is the preferred way of resolving commercial and investment international disputes, because the parties are generally able to select the arbitrator(s), and because the award which will eventually be issued is binding upon the parties and can be enforced in most countries much more readily than a foreign judgement.


Mediation by contrast is not binding and can be terminated at any point by one party. It is however more and more often used in the commercial world because it is not costly, is fast and if handled by an experienced mediator will result in 75% of cases, in a settlement agreement.


National Courts tend to favour mediation and arbitration as helpful tools to solve disputes without having to go to the trial stage.

lexforce louis buchman est mediateur arbitre paris

Maître Louis B. Buchman

Arbitre et Médiateur


Droit de l’arbitrage




Louis B. Buchman, arbitre et médiateur

30 Avenue Georges Mandel
75116 Paris

+33 1 87 44 85 60

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